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Product Information

The Bath Buddy is in inflatable bath lift designed to lower you to the very bottom of your bath.

  • With a 1 year manufacturing warranty, the cushion is made out of Polyurethane (robust plastic) and the maximum weight limit is 20 stone.
  • There are no batteries to charge up or replace and it is lightweight so it is portable so can be used at home / holiday home etc.
  • It requires no installation or special set up and is ready to use straight away - you receive the motor, the hand control and the cushion (the cushion has 4 suckers at the bottom that stick to the bath & the hose is welded to the cushion)
  • The motor blows up the cushion - the motor should be positioned outside of the bathroom e.g. in the hall and requires mains power supply
  • The hand control cable is not electrical, it is an air cable and the air runs through the hand control and blows air through to the motor
  • You should position the cushion in the bath first then add water, when sat on the inflatable cushion which has built in back support, you press ‘down' on the soft touch waterproof hand control and the cushion deflates fully to gently lower the user right to the bottom of the bath taking approximately 50 seconds. It deflates quicker when you are sat on the cushion as the weight pushes it down as it releases the valve for air to escape.
  • When finished in the bath, press the ‘up' button on the hand control to inflate the cushion and the user will be gently raised up to the top of the bath on the inflating cushion, it will automatically turn off when it is fully inflated, you can then get out of the bath
  • Once out of the bath, the quickest way to deflate the cushion is to disconnect the hose from the motor, this will then take approximately 10 minutes to deflate. You can press the down button on the hand control but this will take approximately. 30 minutes to deflate

To remove the cushion out of the bath after use, this should be done by carefully lifting the tabs on the suckers to unstick the suckers from the bath surface.


Cushion Sizes

The cushions are available in 2 sizes - standard and tall (depending on the depth of your bath)
Standard cushion is recommended for bath depths of between 13-16 inches
Tall cushion is recommended for bath depths of between 16-19 inches
The Bath Buddy is suitable for bath widths of 18-22 inches

Hose Orientations

The hoses are available on the left or right hand side of the cushion, dependent on what would suit your baths orientation - when sat in the bath and your feet are facing the taps, what side is the wall on, then the opposite side hose is required (e.g. if the wall is on the left then a right hand hose required OR if the wall is on the right then a left hand hose is required)
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