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‘I have had an inflatable bath lift for several years and because of my age & mobility problems I find it a ‘godsend' to enable me to have & enjoy a bath. The after sales service is also excellent.'
Prosser, Hampshire 


 ‘I have found the bath buddy very useful. I didn't want something that stayed in the bath permanently. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 17 years so this is right for me'
Kittridge, Berkshire


‘I have found my bath buddy means I can still have a bath which I wouldn't be able to have without it.'
Thornton, Cheshire


‘I have had my bath buddy for about 10 years. I am 82 years old and I couldn't do without it, it is so easy to set up.'
Noble, Dorset


‘My wife and I each had difficulty getting in and out of the bath  until we purchased a ‘bath buddy'. It now makes life a lot easier, and we wouldn't be without it.'
Light, Warwickshire


 ‘2004 and 2014 I had surgery for knee replacements. 2016 I fell and broke head of my femur (hip) over these years I have had to rely completely on my Bath Buddy, Many Thanks'
Shipley, Manchester


'I have made use of my bath buddy inflatable bath hoist for nearly 6 and a half years to help with osteoporosis. It has proved most effective. The periodic overhauls have also proved very good, the bath buddy being returned 'brand new.' My age: 90 years'
Nicolle, Birmingham


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