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Suitability and Features


Getting in and out of a bath can be a challenge if you have mobility issues but our Bath Buddy could be the solution. It is easy to use and comfortable. The Bath Buddy will assist people with limited ability in and out of the bath.


The Bath Buddy is a safe and stable bathing aid which allows people to bathe as they always have done, and lie down on the bottom of the bath.

It fits into most existing baths, there is no installation and it is ready to use within minutes. It is an affordable option that is easily removed after use and does not require expensive bathroom alterations. It is also light weight and portable, so it is easy to pack away flat after use.

4 Steps:

  1. Inflate the Bath Buddy and comfortably position yourself on the cushion
  2. Press the soft touch down button to be gently lowered on an air cushion to the very bottom of your bath
  3. Enjoy your bath
  4. Press the soft touch up button to re-inflate the Bath Buddy to be gently raised to the top of the bath and step out of the bath (you are always in control)
The Bath Buddy inflatable bath lift has been installed in thousands of homes throughout the UK and Europe, allowing customers to bathe with ease, independence and in comfort.


  • Lightweight & portable
  • Comfortable (with a lumbar support for additional stability)
  • Easy to use
  • No installation required or installation costs
  • No bathroom alterations
  • Water energy saving
  • Allows user complete immersion
  • Removes hazard of stepping in and out of the bath
  • No assistance required
  • Simple to operate
  • Suits most baths
  • A secure non slip seat
  • Safe to use - non electrical hand control
  • User weight limit of 20 stone/130 kilograms
  • Optional sizes - to suit the height of your bath
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Manufactured from polyethylene, which provides a soft to touch yet hardwearing product, capable of resisting bath additives and hot bath water
  • Hygienic - smooth contours make the Bath Buddy easy to clean, dry and pack away after use
  • No metal parts on or around the cushion, ensuring comfort and no damage to your bath
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