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How it works

Quick Start

Place cushion on a dry, clean bath with the sucker tabs facing outwards.

Apply firm pressure to each sucker to ensure the cushion sticks to the bath.

With the blower unit outside of the bathroom, plug the mains plug into the nearest wall socket and switch on.

Depress the UP button on the hand control unit until the cushion has fully inflated and the automatic cut off has switched the blower unit off.

Fill the bath with water, using an even mix of hot and cold water (using only hot water can damage the cushion)

Gently transfer onto the cushion, by swinging legs over the side of the bath.

Sit with back positioned against the lumber support and ensure you are centrally seated within the coloured panel.
Maintaining balance and leaning slightly forward depress the DOWN button on the hand control unit to gently deflate the cushion and lower the user into the bath. If necessary use the sides of the bath or a grab rail to further aid balance.



When bathing is complete sit upright, and leaning slightly forward depress the UP button of the hand control unit to inflate the cushion. Always ensure you are seated centrally within the coloured panel. Maintain pressure on the button until the automatic pressure sensor turns off the motor when the cushion reaches the top edge of the bath.


Move off the cushion by swinging legs over and out of the bath.


Using the lifting tabs on the suckers gently remove the cushion from the bath. The cushion, hose and control unit will benefit from being dried and cleaned before being stored away.
Please note: the hand control unit requires only one hand to operate it. This leaves the other hand free to aid balance, however a fixed grab rail should be used with the product to aid stability (please refer to the operating instructions for details). Releasing the buttons on the hand control unit will allow it to stop at any time.
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